Results of Mizoram State Lottery drawn during 10.5.2019 to 18.05.2019

19-06-2018 Results of Mizoram State Lottery drawn during 10.5.2019 to 18.05.2019
20/07/2016 Guest Faculty Recruitment - NELIT
01/06/2016 Faculty Recruitment - NELIT
23/04/2013 No.A.12032/5/2012-COMTAX - regd Selected candidates for the post of Inspector of Taxes under Taxation Department
04/01/2013 No.A.22020/2/2011-PAR(SSW)/56 - office order regarding transferred and posting
03/01/2013 Certificate of Transfer of Charge - Pu Lalbiaktluanga, IAS
2/12/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding revised allocation of departments to 3 secretaries.
20/12/2012 No.A.19011/293/2011-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding appointment of Pu Dharmendra, IAS as Commissioner/Secretary to the Government of Mizoram with Headquarters at Aizawl.
19/12/2012 No.A.350137/1/96-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding oposting order of Pu Lalhmachhuana, ITS as Secretary ICT.
17/12/2012 No.A.35013/15/06-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding order posting of IAS Officers PU Biaktluanga, Pu V.Lalremthanga, Pu P. Lalchhuanga and Pu Lalthangpuia Sailo
4/12/2012 No.A.35017/1/96-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding posting of Pu Jack L Darkim, IRTS as Managing Director ZIDCO
26/11/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding Pu Biaktluanga, MCS Secretary, Excise & Narcotics, LAD will be hold the charge of Director, Mining & Mineral Resources
12/11/2012 No.A.19011/321/2012-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding posting of Pi LN Tochhawng, ICAS as Commissioner/Secretary, Finance Department
09/11/2012 No.A.22012/7/2007-PERS(B)/Pt - notification regarding transfer and posting of Pu LH Shanliana, IPS
07/11/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding revised allocation of departments to the  Commissioner/Secretary (Shri Chetan B Sanghi, IAS & Shri Ranbir Singh, IAS)
01/11/2012 No.A.22012/18/2011 - P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding posting of Smt Juhi Mukhererjee, IAS  as DC Serchhip.
30/10/2012 No.A.19011/315/2009-P&AR(CSW)- notification regarding posting of Shri H.M. Meena, IPS as S.P Lawngtlai.
17/10/2012 No.A.19011/271/2009-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding inner cadre deputation of Pu R.Lalvena, IAS (TN:01) from Tamil Nadu to AGMUT Cadre (Mizoram Segment)
17/10/2012 No.A.19011/274/09-P&AR(CSW) - notification regarding posting Pu Lalthangpuia Sailo as DC, Champhai
04/10/2012 No.A.19011/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - notification regd revised allocation of departments to the Commissioner/Secretary
04/10/2012 No.A.11021/1/2011-MFC - circular regarding contact number of Mizoram Finance Commission
26/09/2012 No.A.19011/52/86-P&AR(CSW) - notification regd appointment of cHief Secretary
21/09/2012 No.A.19012/127/2011-P&AR(CSW) - notification regd Er Vanlal Duhsaka taking charge of E-in-C, PWD
21/09/2012 No.A.19011/290/2011-P&AR(CSW) - regd release of Smt Renu Sharma, IAS
21/09/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - regd posting of Shri Ranbir Singh, IAS
21/09/2012 No.A.19011/290/2011-P&AR(CSW) - regd new secretary/commissioner of   Finance & GAD
21/09/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) - regd new allocation of department for Shri Akash Mohapatra & Smt M.Zohmingthangi
21/09/2012 No.A.22012/1/03-P&AR(CSW) -regd allocation of department of Shri LR Thanga & Shri CB Sanghi
30/08/2012 No.A.19011/277/2009-P&AR(CSW) -  regd release of Shri Zothankhuma, IAS (AGMU:2004) from Government of Mizoram.
27/08/2012 No.A.19011/10/2005-P&AR(CSW) - regd Smt L.Tochhong holding the charge of Chief Secretary
24/08/2012 No.A.19011/293/2011-P&AR(CSW) - regd Shri Dharmenda, IAS as Commissioner/Secretary to the Government of Mizoram
09/08/2012 No.A.22012/18/2011-P&AR(CSW) - regd posting of Shri Ashwani Kumar IAS
09/08/2012 No.A.19011/288/2011-P&AR(CSW) -  regd transfer of Serchhip DC
07/08/2012 No.A.32013/7/2012-P&AR(CSW) - regd promotion of MCS
16/02/2010 Grant of Dearness Relief to the Mizoram Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners @ 54 % with effect from 1.7.2008, @ 64% with effect from 1.1.2009 and @ 73% with effect from 1.7.2009

3rd Amendment of RFP for Issuance of smart card base driving licence and vehicle registration on BOOT basis.

08/10/2006 Grant of Dearness Relief to the Mizoram Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners. Revised rate effective from 1.7.2006.
9/10/2006 Office Memorandum dt 9.11.2006 regarding release of DA
  List of Village Councils, No. of Houses and members for general Election to Village councils 2006


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National Informatics Centre, Mizoram State Centre
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