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PRINT MEDIA: The advent of satellite and cable T.Vs, together with introduction of more sophisticated printing technology and computers have, in a way transformed Media in Mizoram. Their impact is clearly visible in newspapers in terms of contents as well as in terms of appearance. With competition on the rise, the principle of 'survival of the fittest' trend has seemed to set in particularly in the capital city. From the previous 40 or so number of government approved newspapers, regular circulation of the newspapers have come down to 26 in Aizawl, 9 in Lunglei and 7 in Chhimtuipui districts only. The principal dailies in Aizawl are :- Mizo Aw, Romei, Mizo Arsi, Dingdi, Newslink,Thupuan, Rahbi, Vanglaini, Aizawl Post, Hnehtu, Highlander. Of these, Highlander and Newslink are published in English. The state government has given press accreditation to 77 journalists including press-photographers and T.V. Cameramen. An interesting development, however, is the increase of news magazines lately. News Magazines of sports, music etc. have come up large numbers of about 35 or more in Aizawl.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA: There have been rapid progress in the development of Electronic media (Radio, T.V/Cable TVs) during the past 10 years. This is largely due to growing media awareness among the general public.
RADIO: Radio continues to be most extensive covering networks covering the entire state. AIR Aizawl station started functioning as an auxiliary station in May 1966 with frequency of 150 Watt Medium wave. In 1970 the frequency was improved to 1 Kilowatt and then to 10 Kilowatts in 1975 and to the present frequency of 20 Kilowatts since 1979. Transmission from short wave with a frequency of was started in 1992. Steps are being taken to install FM Stereo Transmitter.A 6 KW FM Radio Station was started in Lunglei in 1995. Soon, a captive earth station to uplink news from Aizawl will be opened here. Two community Radio stations are to be opened at Saiha and Champhai to cover interior places.
TELEVISION: Doordarshan relayed the Asian Games 1982 from its first VLP Transmitter installed in Aizawl Tuikhuahtlang. HPT telecast commenced in 1995 and LTP telecast on 12.6.1995. Another HPT Relay Centre was opened at Lunglei in 1995 and two VLPT centers were opened at Saiha and Champhai. Of these, only Aizawl center telecast their local programme has recently increased from one hour to two hours. Besides Doorsdarshan's local programmes, people turn to Cable TV for entertainment and news. About 29 Cable Operators are doing business in the urban and semi-urban areas. The 'Sky Link' was the first to give Star TV programmes to limited subscribers since 1991. The LPS and ZOZAM started their own production centers in 1992 and 1994 respectively. These local programmes have been instrumental in giving information in local local language apart from being ready entertainment. LPS programmes have viewers in most of the district headquarters. These local programmes have proved very useful and effective for publicity and they a great potential for educational purpose as well.

INFORMATION & PUBLIC RELATION: The directorate of Information and Public Relation is headed by a Director, assisted that Directorate level by one Joint Director, three Deputy Directors, one Public Relations Officer at Headquarters one Editor, one Press Information Officer and at District level by one Public Relations Officers and Assistant Public Relations Officers.
     At the directorate level, the department has six branches (a) Press Relation Wing (b) Photo Division (c) Maintenance of Technical Equipment (d) Publicity Wing Library Research Section and (e) Field of Publicity Wing.
Press Relations Section: The press relation section headed by a Deputy Director is reinforced by Public Relations officers and Assistant Information Officers whose main job is to feed the local newspapers and AIR with the latest developmental programmes and various Government activities. This section is also responsible for the feedback of the trend of opinion. It also conducts for journalists both for locals and national papers within and outside Mizoram to cover the events concerning Mizoram.
Photo division: The Photo Divisions responsible for Photo of important events and incidents taking place in Mizoram. It is also responsible for documentation of the progress made under five Year Plan and the overall developmental efforts of the Government of Mizoram. Till now the Division is equipped to handled photography only most of the documentaries required are taken of by the Film Division of the Central Government. Publication Wing: The departmental is having three regular publications from districts in the local language. Besides these regular publications, the Department bring out publications from time to time on the development programmes, achievement and family welfare programmes of Government. It also publishes fortnightly magazines in the local language highlighting development activities.
Field Publicity: The Field Publicity units located at different district and Sub-Divisional Headquarters manned by Assistant Public Relation Officers in the villages. The District Officers designated as Public Relation Officers in their respective areas responsible for the field publicity activities. The units are organizing regular films shows, Public meeting, debated and seminars on different aspects and the over-all development efforts of the Government of Mizoram and also the development subject such as family programmes and improved agriculture methods.
     Library, Research and Reference Section: The main work of this section is to keep the compile the chronology of the activities of the Government as well as major event taking place in the state, for use in the future.
Information center: There are three District Officers namely, Aizawl, Lunglei and Chhimtuipui headed by Information and Public Relations Officer and assisted by Assitant Public Relations officers, similarly, there are six Sub-Divisional Offices viz. Champhai, Kolasib, Mamit, Tlabung, Lawngtlai and Chawngte headed by Assistant Public Relations Officers. There are also 14 Rural Information Centres headed by Cinema Operator.
     The Department launched Multi-Media Publicity Campaign at various Sub-Divisional Headquarters on the programmes and achievements of the Government. It also conducted Aizawl Darshan Tours for elderly people of 10 constituencies who have not seen Aizawl for long period. A video news cassette highlighting the Government of Mizoram achievements is produced and shown to the public through TV networks.
     The whole media operation is coordinated by the Directorate of I&PR, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl.  (more info)

Press Information Bureau (PIB), Aizawl: (http://pibaizawl.nic.in)

The third Media Centre for the North East was inaugurated by Shri F.Malsawma, Minister of Information on 28.2.2000 at Press Information Bureau, Aizawl. The meeting was presided by Shri C.Lalrosanga, Chairman, Inter Media Publicity Coordination Committee (IMPCC), Mizoram. Besides the Chief Guest, other speakers included Shri Len. L.Doungel IPS, Chairman, Central Government Employee's Welfare Coordination Committee (CGEWCC), Shri D.R.Zirliana, President, Mizoram Journalist Asociation (MJA), Dr C.Silvera former Union Minister etc.The inaugural function was attended by members of the local media and central government offices. Shri B.Narzary DPIO, PIB, Regional office, Guwahati delivered welcome speech and Shri Mangjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB, Aizawl gave vote of thanks.
     PIB is the nodal agency of the Central Government to disseminate information to the print and the electronic media on its various policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements. Functioning as an interface between the Government and the Media, PIB provides feedback to Government with People's reaction as reflected in the media.
     At present, PIB has a total of 41 offices all over the country. It disseminates information through different formats such as Press Releases, Features articles, Interviews, Press Conferences, Press Tours and bulletin board services, etc. The Bureau has a home page on internet and can be accessed on www.nic.in/India-image/PIB. Newspapers can now directly download materials from the Bureau's bulletin board including and use them in the daily issues of their newspapers.
     The Media Centre at Aizawl is the third Media Centre in the North East after Guwahati and Shillong which has been provided by the Government for the benefit of the local media here. Form now on, local media friends can come and avail the facilities provided by PIB for use in their professional work in the Media Centre. They can also get copies of latest news downloaded from the internet free of cost. They can also get other facilities like Reference books, Type machines, Press conference Hall, Press Lounge in the Media Centre. Other Central department located in the state of Mizoram can also use this Seminars and Symposia. They can also use Slide Projector and overhead Projector free of cost during their seminars and workshops organised in the Media center. In fact, this Media Centre will be like National Press Conference Hall set up in PIB, New Delhi with facilities like Press Conference Hall, Press Lounge, reference Library, Type Machine, local telephone, etc. which can be used by media and other Central Government.
PIB, Government of India, Aizawl set up in June 7, 1984. Some highlighted of PIB Aizawl 1996 - 2000 are :-

  • Conducted Press Tour to visit important social welfare development programmes especially Aganwadi Centres and different development projects implemented under Rural Development Deparment, Government of Mizoram. The places visited are under Ngopa, Khawbung, Khawzawl, Champhai and Aizawl areas. The Press Tour was conducted during March 5 - 13, 1997. Ten Journalist including AIO, PIB, Aizawl visited the said places.
  • Conducted Press tour to Mumbai and Pune during November 30 - 10th December, 1997. Seven Journalists were in the Press Team.
  • Mizoram Journalists and Economics Writers regularly attended Economics Editors Conference at New Delhi under sponsorship of PIB. Dr Lianzela and Shri Lalrinthanga attended this conference. In 1997, during 10-12 September, the following Journalists attended Shri Robert Lalchhuana (Romei) and Shri D.R.Zirliana (Mizo Aw) and Shri K.Sapdanga (Vanglaini). A Press Tour to Udaipur, Rajasthan was arranged for these Journalists during September 13 -16, 1997. In 1999, November 17 -20, Dr Vanlalchhawna, Shri Lalsawta and Shri C.Lalrambuatsaiha attended the said Econmic Editors Conference. In 2000, two Editors namely, H.Tawna Langel, Editor, "Zokhua Daily' and A.Zotinkhuma Editor 'Thubenglut' monthly are attending The Economic Editors Conference from October 16 - 18, 2000 at National Press Centre, PIB, New Delhi. Shri Zonunsanga Khiangte, Editor 'Lenlaini' daily and Manjangam Touthang, AIO, PIB Aizawl attended the 2nd Editors Conference in Social Sectors issues - 2000 during 6-8, April 2000 at Kanisha Hotel, New Delhi. This is the first time representatives from Mizoram were attending this Conference.
     PIB, Aizawl also arranged Video Conferencing for three times with the local Media representatives providing and interaction opportunity with other parts of with other parts of India during the last Parliamentary election.
     PIB, Aizawl regularly contributes development feature stories, etc. The feature story based on the Interview with Shri Darthuama Renthlei, the lone surviving freedom fighter from Mizoram by AIO, PIB. Aizawl has been included in the book entitled 'Freedom Fighter of India' published by the Publication Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. New Delhi.
     PIB, Aizawl regularly provides publicity materials to local press, govt. media and also departments. This office is now equipped with internet facility, press conference hall, library-cum-information center, a press lounge etc.
     PIB, Aizawl received the Second Prize for being the cleanest office in Aizawl, Mizoram.
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