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The Mizoram Gazette
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Vol. XIX Aizawl Wednesday, 5. 9. 1990.    Bhadra 14,  S.E. 1912   Issue No. 93


No. J-17011/1/83-POL, the 28th August 1990. In super session of all previous notifications issued on the subject, the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to order that the following Table of Precedence shall be observed at all State functions in the State of Mizoram :-


Article of the Warrant Name of Posts
1 President
2 Vice-President
3 Prime Minister
4 Governor
5 Former Presidents
6 Chief Justice of India,
Speaker of Lok Sabha
7 Cabinet Ministers of the Union,
Chief Minister,
Deputy Chairman,
Planning Commission,
Leaders of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
8 Judges of Supreme Court.
9 Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha,
Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha,
Members of Planning Commission,
Ministers of State of the Union.
10 Attorney General of India,
Cabinet Secretary,
Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
11 Chiefs of Staffs holding the ranks of full General or equivalent.
12 Chief Justice of High Court,
Speaker of Legislative Assembly.
13 Cabinet Ministers in States,
Deputy Ministers of the Union,
Vice-Chairman, Planning Board.
14 Officiating Chiefs of staff holding the rank of Lt. General or equivalent.
15 Chairman, Minorities Commission,
Chairman, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission,
Chairman, UPSC,
Chief Election Commissioner,
Puisne Judges of High Courts (within their jurisdiction).
16 Chairman, Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission,
Ministers of State within the State,
Deputy Speaker of State within the State.
17 Members of Parliament.
18 Members of Legislative Assembly
State Chief Information Commissioner
19 Army Commanders/Vice-Chief of the Army staff or equivalent ranks in other Services.
Chief Secretary Commissioner,
Linguistic Minorities Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
Members, Minorities Commission;
Members, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission.
Officers of the rank of full General or equivalent rank.
Secretary to the Govt. of India (including holding ex-officio).
Secretary, Minorities Commission;
Secretary, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission.
Secretary to the President;
Secretary to the Prime Minister;
Secretary, Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha;
Solicitor General of India;
Secretary, North Eastern Council.
20 Officers of the rank of Lt. General,
Chairman, MPSC
State Information Commissioner
21 Principal Secretary to Govt. of Mizoram;
Addl. Secretaries to the Govt. of India;
Addl. Solicitor General of India;
Advocate General of Mizoram.
Chairman, Tariff Commission;
Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General;
Members, MPSC.
Director, Central Bureau of Intelligence;
Director General, BSF;
Director General, CRPF;
Director, Intelligence Bureau;
Members, UPSC.
Members, Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.
22 Commissioners/Secretaries of the super-time scale of IAS;
Inspector General of Police/Officers of the rank of Maj. General and equivalent rank;
Accountant General;
Principal Chief Conservator of Forest;
Adviser, NEC holding the rank of Jt. Secretary to the Govt. of India or equivalent;
Vice Chancellor of NEHU.
23 Secretaries to the Govt. of Mizoram,
Legal Remembrancer;
Secretary, Legislative Assembly;
Deputy Commissioners holding the rank of Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India within their districts;
Secretary, State Information Commission, Mizoram;
CEM/EM/Chairman/Vice-Chairman/MDCs of Autonomous Districts Councils
Chief Executive Officer, Aizawl Municipal Council/Chairman and Members of JERC, M&M
24 Addl. Secretaries to the Govt. of Mizoram;
Chief Conservator of Forest;
Managing Director, ZIDCO;
Chief Controller of Accounts;
Commissioner, Excise;
Deputy Commissioners other than IAS officers holding the rank of Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India within their districts.
Brigadier or equivalent rank in other services stationed in Mizoram;
Deputy Inspector General of Police;
Commandant General, MRHG;
Pro Vice-Chancellor, NEHU;
Chief Engineer, Project Pushpak;
Chief Engineers;
Registrar, Guwahati High Court.
25 Jt. Secretaries to the Govt. of Mizoram;
Jt. Legal Remembrancer;
Director, Postal Services Mizoram holding the rank of selection grade of Indian Postal Services.
Addl, Chief Engineers;
Sr. Superintendent of Police;
Colonel in the army or equivalent in other service;
Directors and other officers holding the rank of selection Grade of MCS officers.
25(a) Deputy Secretaries to the Govt. of Mizoram and other
officers of the rank of MCS in the scale of JAG;
Superintendents of Police;
Assitant Inspector General of
Police; Commandants, MAP/CRPF/BSF;
OSD Special Bureau;
Jt Directors and other officers of the rank of Jt. Director.
Station Director, AIR;
Conservator of Forest;
Superintending Engineers;
Senior Architect;
Principals of Govt. Colleges,
Protocol Officer;
Director, Sports & Youth Services;
Lt. Colonel of the army and equivalent rank in other services;
Deputy Registrar, Guwahati High Court.
26 Under Secretaries to the Govt. of Mizoram; Deputy Registrar (Coop);
Sub-Divisional Officers (C);
Private Secretary to the Chief Minister;
Deputy Protocol Officer;
Executive Engineers;
Deputy Directors and others holding the rank of Deputy Director/Under Secretary;
Extra Assistant Commissioner;
Deputy Commandants of Police;
DP & AR;
Major in the army or equivalent rank in other Services;
Deputy Conservator of Forest;
Functional Managers,
Civil Surgeon;
Assistant Commissioner of Excise;
Project Officers, DRDA;
Exploratory Geologist;
Assistant Registrar, Guahati High Court.
27 Superintendents of Excise/Taxation/Sericulture;
Public Relations Officers;
District Employment Officer;
District Social Welfare Officer;
Sub-Divisional Officers of PWD/PHE/P&E and equivalent rank; Captain of the army and equivalent rank;
Deputy Superintendents of Police;
Assistant Commandants;
Assistant Registrar of Co-operation;
District Statistical Officer;
Assistant Directors and other officers holding the equivalent rank; Office Superintendents/Private Secretaries and equivalent;
Pool Officer;
Committee Officers of Legislative Assembly.
Tourism Information Officer;
Works Manager, Transport;
Transport Officer; Finance & Accounts Officer;
Treasury Officer;
Dist. Local Administration Officer;
District Industries Officer;
Physical Education Officer;
Youth Welfare Officer;
Chief Coach; Judicial Officer I;
Principal, ITI;
Asst. Manager(Tech);
Asst. Settlement Officer II;
Asst. Project Officer;
President, District Council Court;
Research Officers (Planning);
Dist. Fisheries Development Officer;
Sanitation Officer;
Superintendent of Jails;
Asst. to Deputy Commissioner;
Asst. Town & Country Planner;
Health Education Officer;
Asst. Soil Conservation Officer;
Asst. Conservator of Forest;
Asst. Geologist;
Block Development Officers;
other Officers of equivalent rank of this Article 27.

NOTE-I The Table of Precedence is meant for ceremonial occasions and has nothing to do with day-to-day functioning of the Government.

NOTE-II The order in which posts are mentioned in any one article isnot the basis for determining the seniority inter-se. Persons in the Table of Precedence will take rank in order of the number of the articles. Those included in the same article will take precedence inter-se according to date of entry into that article. However, where the dignitaries of different States/ Union Territories included in the same articles are present and there is difficulty in ascertaining their dates of entry, they may be assigned precedence inter-se in the alphabetical order of the name of States and Union Territories concerned after those whose precedence is determined according to date of entry into that article.

NOTE-III Chief Minister of the State will take precedence above all others included in the article 7 in a function organised within the State.

NOTE-IV Among the members of Legislative Assembly, the following will take precedence over other members. They will take rank in the following order :

  • Leaders of Parties

  • Ex-Chief Minister

  • Ex-Speaker

  • Chairman/Vice Chairman of various statutory Boards/Corporations of Govt. under takings.

  • Ex-Ministers.
    (Other members of Legislative Assembly will be given seniority in the alphabetical order).

NOTE-V In article 13 Cabinet Ministers of the State will rank above Deputy Ministers of the Union.

NOTE-VI Elected Representatives of the people viz. Chief Executive Member, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Executive Member and Members of District Councils although not included in the main warrant or precedence will take precedece above article number 24 when invited for State and Ceremonial functions. (Separate executive instruction will be issued).

NOTE-VII Non-Elected and Non-official Chairman/Vice-Chairman of Boards/Corporation of Government undertaking (State) have not figured in the main warrant of precedence, when invited to such functions will be assigned precedence after persons at article 23.(separate executive instruction will be issued).

NOTE-VIII Dignitaries of equal status from other States will be preceded by dignitaries of the State Government.

NOTE-IX All ladies/gentlemen unless by virtue of holding an appointment themselves who are entitled to a higher position in the table, shall take place according to the rank assigned to their respective husbands/spouses.

NOTE-X Some posts, e.g. Political Assistant to Chief Minister, are not entered in the table as the posts seem to be temporary in nature. When invited to State and ceremonial functions Political Assistant to Chief Minister will be assigned to article number 24 (separate executive instruction will be issued).

NOTE-XI Managing Director, ZIDCO, Commissioner, Excise and Chief Controller of Accounts are placed in the article 24 along with the Additional Secretaries to the Government of Mizoram keeping in view the seniority of the present incumbents in their own services. The article will not be applicable as and when the incumbent is changed depending on the seniority of the next incumbent when changed. (separate executive instruction will be issued).

M. Lalmanzuala,
Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram

Ministry of Communication & Information Technology
National Informatics Centre, Mizoram State Centre
Annex-II, Civil Secretariat, Aizawl - 796001