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The drum and the gong are two traditional musical instrument of the Mizos. The flute is another, though it is no longer much in use. There was another musical instrument which was made by inserting hollow reeds into gourds. Blowing through one reed produced a tune. That instrument has fallen completely in disuse.

The usual Mizo drum, made of a hollowed tree trunk covered with fine on either side, is 'about a foot in diameter and two feet in length'. The gongs, which came in various sizes mostly from Myanmar, are expensive brassware. Sometimes three gongs, each having a separate note are beaten simultaneously to produce fine musical tunes.

The gay and cheerful mood of the Mizos expresses itself through their love for music. "Shakespeare, called music 'the food of love' and asked for 'the excess of it'. If music be the food of love/play on, play on/and give me excess of it' The Mizos would be happy to 'play on' and offer the immortal poet 'the excess of their music.



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