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Established as a separate Directorate in 1989, the Directorate of School Education is headed by the Director who is entrusted with overall administration of School Education. The whole state is divided into 4(four) Education districts
(1) Chhimtuipui District (2) Lunglei District ,(3) Aizawl East District (4) Aizawl West District
There are 10(ten) Educational Sub-Divisions : (1) Aizawl West-I (2) Aizawl West-II (3) Aizawl East-I (4) Aizawl East-II (5) Aizawl North (6) Kolasib (7) Serchhip (8) Lunglei West (9) Lunglei East (10) Champhai  
Adult Education wing (1) District Adult Education Wing (Aizawl West) (2) District Adult Education Wing (Aizawl East) (3) District Adult Education Wing (Lunglei)  

Directorate of School Education: The office of the School Education was established in the year 1973 and is located at Mc Donald Hill, Aizawl. DR G.N.Chatterjee was the first Director of School Education. At present, the Directorate of School Education is headed by Pu F.Lallura with three (3) Joint Directors, five(5) Deputy Director, two(2) Superintendents, seven(7) Group 'A' officers, seventeen (17) Group 'B' Officers and other 95 staff.

Physical Education wing: The present Physical wing was initiated by the Education department in 1973. It was headed by a Special Officer, Youth Welfare and Scouts & Guides. Sports and Physical Education had been under the Youth Welfare schemes whereas Bharat Scouts & Guides were under the Scouts and Guides.
     The Youth Welfare and Scouts & Guides Wing was enlarged by manning the most suitable persons in sports and scouts & guides activities and with their initiative sports and scouts and guides activities were tremendously promoted throughout the state. The post of Youth Welfare Officer was created and filled up in 1976 with other filed staff posts in the wing.
     On 8th December, 1986 Sport and Youth Services Department was bi-furcated and Physical Education Officer was transferred back to its parent Department, School Education Department.
     The following are the works undertaken by the Physical Education Wing:

  • Looking after Sports and Physical Education subject in schools.
  •  Looking after sports programme for school-going children at the state and national level.
  • Organisation orientation course in teaching physical education and sports for school teachers
  • Taking up the Bharatiyam and physical Training Programmes in schools.
  • Initializing the programme of fit people fit nation
  • To spot the sports talented students and promoting them to the nation at the international sports areas.
Hindi Wing: The Hindi Wing under Directorate of School Education was established in 1973 and was headed by Pu H.Zahleia. Under this wing, there are 669 Hindi Teachers in Middle School and 140 in High School.
Nature of Works:
  • Appointment of Hindi teachers - regular and officiating
  • Posting and transfer of Hindi teachers
  • Supervision and training of Hindi Teachers
  • Preparation of Schemes/proposals for creation of posts for the wing.
  • All kinds of official correspondence relating to Hindi Education.
ADULT EDUCATION: The Adult Education Wing was established in 1962 and came under the Directorate of School Education in 1973. At present the wing is headed by Pu R.Lalrawna, Joint Director.
Nature of Works: Teaching adult illiterate to read and write. Establishment and supervision of Village Adult Education Committee. Organization of Post-Literacy and continuing Education programme for the neo-literates, and those unable to complete their schooling. Two experimental Adult Schools have been established for the neo-literates and those who want to continue schooling. Establishment of Vocational School for Adult is also undertaken by this Wing where carpentry is taught

STATE COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING WING: The State Council Of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) was set up in January 1980. It is an academic wing of the Directorate of School Education and is located at Chaltlang since its establishment and now is headed by Pi Malsawmthangi, Joint Director with two Deputy Directors. Twenty four(24) Group 'A' Officers, eight(8) Group 'B' Officers and other seventy one(71) staff.
     SCERT is responsible for qualitative improvement of School Education from Primary to Higher Secondary Schools, Non-Formal Education and Teacher Education. It is also responsible for successful implementation of various education projects sponsored by Central Government, UNICEF as well as State Government. There various wings in SCERT and are as follows:

  • Teacher Education & Extension Service
  • Educational Technology
  • Area intensive Education Project
  • Language Promotion Wing (District Centre for English)
  • Project Integrated Education for Disabled (PIED)
  • Curriculum Development & Evaluation
  • Population Education Project.
  • Research & Development
  • Educational & Vocational Guidance & Counseling Unit.
  • Vocationalization of Secondary schools
  • Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC)
  • Environmental Orientation to School Education
  • Non-Formal Education (NFE)
  • Science Promotion Wing

More information visit http://www.scertmizoram.com/

DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING: AIZAWL: The DIET, Aizawl was established in 1st September, 19753 and is located at Chaltlang. The head of office at the time of establishment was Pi Lalziki Sailo. There are 70 incumbents in this office and is headed by Pu Pasena Sailo with one Vice-Principal, 14 Lecturers, Superintendent, 2 Hindi Instructors, one Weaving, Knitting Agriculture, Craft and Sewing Instructor each, one inspector of statistics and other fifty one (51) staff. There are 9 trained teacher in Primary and 9 in Middle section. The DIET can accommodate 45 primary teachers 92 Middle teachers and 20 others every year. DIET look after practicing school.
DIET, Lunglei:
It was established in 1974 and is located at Lunglei. The name of the Institute at the time of establishment was UGTTI and is now upgraded as DIET. The Institute is headed by a Principal. At present, Pu Aihnuna headed this institution with 2 Lecturers, Superintendent, 7 instructors for 4 W.E Instructors, one graduate Hindi Teacher, two W.E. Teachers and other 20 staff. It can accommodate 50 primary teacher and 45 middle teacher every year. Growth and Achievement : The School Education Directorate separated as a directorate in 1989 has attained much achievement and grow immensely since it was a separate Directorate. The 10+2 course i.e Class XI and XII which is known as Pre University classes attached to College in Higher School has been brought under the School Directorate since 1996. The number of Primary Schools in 1989 has increased from 1084 to 1318, Middle Schools from 522 to 773 and High School 185 to 345.

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